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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your nurses and home health aides background checked and insured?

A - Yes.  Everyone is Level II background screened nationally and reference checked before they are employed.  Many of our employees have been with us for years, and will be periodically background screened and reviewed by our Director of Nursing.

Q - Do you take Long Term Care Insurance?

A - Yes.  We are providers for most of the major LTC Home Care Insurance companies.  We also interact with the insurance company and do the paperwork for the patient.  We accept most insurance and private pay.  99% of our insurance claims are approved.

Q - Do you have live-in aides as well as hourly?

A -Yes.  We can provide a live-in aide or nurse if a patient needs 24 hour care. If the patient doesn’t sleep well at night, we can provide two 12 hour shifts 24/7.

Q - What is the minimum hours you accept?

A - Four hours is the minimum three days a week

Q - What will the Home Health aide do while in the home?

A - All personal care such as bathing, dressing, transferring and ambulation.  They will also help with grocery shopping, carrying them into the home and assist with putting them away.  Laundry, changing linens, light housekeeping, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen after preparing and serving a meal.

What about doctors visits?

A - The aide can accompany the patient to the doctor. We also have a Director Of Nursing on staff.  If needed she can go with the patient and speak with the doctor.  When  requested by the Physician, Physical Therapy can be arranged.

What is a Director of Nursing?

A - The DON is a Registered Nurse on staff.  The Director of Nursing will assess the patient when starting a case.  Check all the medications and fax a plan of care to the physician for his signature.  When required, the DON can do medication management (pill pour), set-up a pill box for the week, review   changes in medications and interactions of drugs.  Then fax a new medication list to the Physicians.